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  • high precision pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • high precision pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • Heavy Duty Checkweigher CW-300
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • high precision pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • high precision pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • Heavy Duty Checkweigher CW-300
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher

high precision pharmaceutical checkweigher

GOODEONE's Pharmaceutical Checkweigher is high precision ±0.05g and high speed machine 150pc/1min and competitive price; CE&FDA certificate . WA;+86 18665115897
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  • high precision pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • high precision pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • Heavy Duty Checkweigher CW-300
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
  • pharmaceutical checkweigher
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Pharmaceutical Checkweigher introduction

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher is one of the Checkweigher , mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.
Check pills weight one by one or box by box . to ensure the accuracy of the weight of products such as tablets,
capsules, pills, or other dosage forms.

It plays a critical role in quality control and compliance with regulatory standards
because the precise weight of pharmaceutical products is crucial for their safety and effectiveness.

Below is the Checkweighing System Pharma is typically using method: 

  1. Product Feeding: The pharmaceutical products, such as tablets or capsules, are fed into the checkweigher system.
    This can be done manually or automatically through a conveyor belt or other feeding mechanisms.

  2. Weighing: The checkweigher uses precise weighing technology, often load cells or electromagnetic force restoration (EFR) technology,
    to measure the weight of each individual product.

  3. Comparison: The measured weight of each product is compared to a pre-set target weight or range of acceptable weights.
    This target weight is usually defined based on regulatory requirements and the pharmaceutical company's quality standards.

  4. Sorting/Rejecting: If a product's weight falls outside the acceptable range, the checkweigher triggers a rejection mechanism.
    This can include air jets, mechanical arms, or conveyor diverters, which remove the non-compliant product from the production line.

  5. Data Logging and Reporting: Many pharmaceutical checkweighers are equipped with data logging capabilities.
    They record the weights of individual products, allowing for quality control data to be collected and analyzed.
    This data can be used for quality assurance purposes and to track trends over time.

  6. Calibration and Maintenance: To ensure accuracy, pharmaceutical checkweighers require regular calibration and maintenance.
    This is necessary to maintain their precision and compliance with regulatory standards. Contact us


Pharmaceutical checkweigher dimension CAD file 
Please kindly check below checkweigher size :
Whole machine size: L1500/W560/1222mm ; 
Weighing section size: 250mm, Rejection section size: 400mm;
Speeder section size: 250mm ; 

Pharma Checkweigher parameter  

Product Model: CW-120
Maximum Weighing Capacity: 200 grams
Accuracy Range: ±0.05 to ±0.1 grams
Belt Width: 120 mm
Load Sensor: CVIC/Mettler Toledo
Number of Sensors: 1 unit
Weighing Material Size: 280 mm (L) x 200 mm (W)

Shipping and Pricing Information

  • FOB Price (Shenzhen): $4,923 USD per unit
  • Loading Ports: Shenzhen or Guangzhou
  • Packaging: Export Carton
    • Gross Weight: 130 kilograms
    • Carton Volume: 1.73 cubic meters

Production Details

  • Production Lead Time: 10-15 working days
  • Monthly Production Capacity: 50 units    Contact us

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Components

  • User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a 7" or 10" VENVIEW touch screen, offering an intuitive and user-friendly operation experience.

  • Quality Assurance: Utilizes Siemens inverter technology, ensuring the highest quality and reliability in performance.

  • Advanced PLC Technology: Incorporates a patented PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for precision and efficiency.

  • High-Precision Sensing: Features high-precision loading sensors from Toledo/AVIC, enhancing accuracy and consistency.

  • Reliable Motor: Powered by JSCC motors, a testament to their reliability, as we have received no customer complaints to date.

  • Easy Maintenance: Crafted with a 304SUS bracket, designed for easy cleaning and durability.

  • Visual Alert System: Equipped with a three-color alarm light system, providing visual indicators for immediate attention.

  • FDA-Compliant Belt: Utilizes an FDA food-grade belt suitable for a wide range of packaging, including plastic bottles, glass bottles, bags, and small boxes.

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Offers RS-485/RS-232 connectivity for seamless integration with other devices.

  • Data Collection and Export: Boasts data collection capabilities and USB output for efficient data management.

Our commitment to quality, precision, and user-friendly design makes this pharmaceutical checkweigher an ideal choice for your operation.


Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Setup Guide

Upon receiving your pharmaceutical checkweigher at your facility, follow these professional steps to ensure proper configuration:

  1. Stabilize the Machine: Securely attach the machine by unscrewing the six-foot cups and firmly securing them to the floor.
    This step is crucial for stability and accurate performance.

  2. Connect Rejection Cable: Connect the rejection cable to the designated platform connection point.
    Proper cable connection is essential for seamless operation.

  3. Power Up: Activate the power switch to power up the checkweigher. You will be prompted to input a secure code to access the system.

  4. Product Menu Configuration: Navigate to the product menu bar and select a menu.
    Name your product and set the standard weight as well as the upper and lower error ranges for the specific product parameters.

  5. Calibration: Access the calibration page and perform calibration using certified weights.
    Calibration ensures the checkweigher's accuracy and reliability.

  6. Product Learning: After successful calibration, enter the product learning page. T
    his step involves teaching the machine about the specific product you intend to weigh.

  7. Final Product Settings: Once the learning process is complete, return to the product menu bar.
    Select the first product from your list, choose the appropriate formula to apply, and finalize the product settings.


Following these precise steps will enable you to configure your pharmaceutical checkweigher accurately and efficiently,
ensuring optimal performance for your specific product requirements.Contact us


Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Buyer's Guide

When considering the acquisition of a pharmaceutical checkweigher, it is imperative to approach the decision with meticulous care and attention.
To assist you in making an informed choice, we present the following key factors for your consideration:

1. Precision and Speed:

  • First and foremost, prioritize weighing precision within the range of ±0.01g to ±0.1g.
  • Equally essential is a rapid weighing capability, with a minimum throughput of 180 pieces per minute.

2. Operational Simplicity and System Stability:

  • Ensure that the checkweigher offers a user-friendly interface, making operation straightforward.
  • Seek a system renowned for its stability and reliability under varying conditions.

3. Data Collection and Output Functionality:

  • A crucial feature to demand is the ability to collect and export product data efficiently.

4. Interconnectivity:

  • Verify compatibility for seamless communication with other machinery within your production line.

5. Security and Access Control:

  • Prioritize a system equipped with three layers of password protection to safeguard
  • against unauthorized alterations to critical parameters.

6. Cost-Effectiveness:

  • While cost is a consideration, remember that our offerings boast exceptional cost-effectiveness.
  • We proudly offer a price point that is up to 30% lower than that of international brands,
  • without compromising on quality or functionality.

7. After-Sales Service:

  • Lastly, evaluate your prospective supplier's commitment to after-sales service.
  • Assess their ability to promptly address issues with malfunctioning equipment or replacement parts.
  • Ensure they can provide guidance for routine maintenance and cleaning procedures. Contact us

Pharmaceutical Automated Checkweigher Packaging Line

In the realm of pharmaceutical production, precision, efficiency, and reliability are paramount.
Our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical automated checkweigher packaging line seamlessly integrates
a range of essential processes to ensure the highest standards of quality and compliance.


Packing Process: Upon the completion of pill, powder, or capsule packaging by the filling machine,
the bottles are transported to the labeling machine. Subsequently, each product undergoes meticulous scrutiny
through a series of critical checkpoints, assuring its integrity and adherence to stringent pharmaceutical standards.

Quality Assurance:

  • Labeling Machine: Employing roll labeling technology, our labeling machine operates with remarkable efficiency,
  • accommodating packaging rates ranging from 30 to 80 bottles per minute.
  • Metal Detector and X-ray System: Our commitment to precision is unwavering.
  • Customers have the flexibility to choose between our high-precision metal detector or,
  • for even greater assurance, a food X-ray machine to elevate inspection accuracy.

Checkweigher Options:

  • Checkweigher Precision: We understand that precision is non-negotiable in pharmaceuticals.
  • Therefore, we offer a selection of checkweighers, including high-speed and high-precision variants,
  • allowing you to tailor your solution to your specific requirements.

Product Sorting and Handling: To further streamline your production process, our packaging line features a sorting tray.
This invaluable tool facilitates the efficient organization of finished products, simplifying the loading of boxes or cartons,
and ensuring a smooth transition to the next stage of your operation. Contact us

Strategic Investment in Pharmaceutical Production

At the helm of our pharmaceutical manufacturing endeavors,
our visionary plant leadership consistently makes astute investments
in cutting-edge equipment. This includes the acquisition of:


  1. Automatic Packing Machine: To optimize our packaging processes, we procure state-of-the-art automatic packing machines,
    streamlining the final stages of production.

  2. High Precision Checkweigher (CW-120): Ensuring precision is never compromised,
    our plant relies on the CW-120 high precision checkweigher to meticulously verify the weight and quality of pharmaceutical products.

  3. Inspection Box Checkweigher (CW-210): Our commitment to rigorous quality control
    extends to the use of the CW-210 inspection box checkweigher, guaranteeing the utmost accuracy in product assessment.

  4. Food Metal Detector or Food X-ray Machine: In our pursuit of excellence,
    we offer our Malaysia customers the option to enhance product inspection
    with either a food metal detector or a food X-ray machine, enabling advanced quality assurance.


By adopting this comprehensive approach to equipment acquisition and quality control,
we align ourselves with global standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing excellence.
It is through such strategic investments that we continue to earn the trust and loyalty of our valued clientele.


Our Commitment to Support Your Needs

At Dongguan Ke Ying, we are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled support throughout your journey.
Here's how we aim to assist you:


1. Competitive Pricing: We understand the significance of cost-efficiency.
Therefore, we offer a flexible pricing structure, tailored to your specific needs.
Our range spans from $3,950 to $15,000 USD, with pricing variations based on the specific item and quantity requirements.

2. Expedited Delivery: Time is of the essence, and we recognize that. We maintain a readily available stock for select products,
ensuring swift delivery within 3-5 business days. For items not in stock, our standard delivery timeline is typically 15 days.

3. Complimentary Spare Parts: To facilitate maintenance and upkeep, we include a set of easily replaceable parts t
hat are prone to dirt and wear over time. This provision ensures uninterrupted operation and longevity.

4. Comprehensive Packing Line Design: Your convenience is our priority. Allow us to save you valuable time and
energy by designing an entire packing line tailored to your specific requirements.
Our experienced team will craft a seamless solution that optimizes your processes.

5. Insurance Coverage: Rest easy knowing that your investment is safeguarded.
We offer insurance coverage options for your purchased machines,
providing you with peace of mind and comprehensive protection post-order placement.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the sale.
GOODEONE is your trusted partner, dedicated to delivering exceptional value,
efficiency, and support at every step of your journey.

What kind of information should we need ?

We should know customer's products box or carton dimension and weight .
Then , we will know , what kind of machine should we offer . 
We also need customer believe us , we can do your things well . Because 
we often look your things as our own business. 

GOODEONE's Company photo introduction

Welcome to the Company Profile of GOODEONE, a distinguished leader in our industry.
With over 15 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as pioneers in this field.
Our operations are conducted in a state-of-the-art workshop spanning an impressive 10,000 square meters,
a testament to our dedication to precision and innovation.

Our team comprises six highly skilled engineers, whose expertise drives our continuous growth and technological advancements.
With a production capacity ranging from 60 to 120 machines per month,
we consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed industry standards.

At GOODEONE, we are not just manufacturers; we are creators of exceptional quality, setting benchmarks for the industry.
Thank you for considering us for your needs, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you."

Checkweigher Certificate photo

Why select our checkweigher ?

GOODEONE's Checkweigher project show

Packing & delivery photo show

Our after sales service:

Please kindly check Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory's company introduction
We mainly offer food metal detector , checkweigher , food X-ray machine, Packing machine/ fully automatically
packing line 
Our machine brand is "GOODEONE", have registed in China government .

Food metal detector workshop
This workshop mainly assemble food metal detectors. These 304SUS bracket and JSCC motor 
are ready to assemble together . 
Other semi finished metal detectors are assembling , after finished , then , After 72 hours of energized aging,
after packaging, it will be shipped to the customer's factory.

Checkweigher workshop
This workshop mainly assemble the checkweigher , about 2000square meter.
These machine are aging well and ready to packing wooden carton delivery to customer.

Packing machine workshop
These packing machine workshop building area about 10000 square meter . It have vertical packing machine,
multihead weigher packing machine , Pillow flow packing machine, given bag packing machine and so on.

Our customers

Our customer more than 300, they are all located in China, Malaysia , Thailand , Vietnam , Indonesia ,
Philippine , South America , Latin America , Middle east and South Africa.

Our export share about : 70%  ; Domestic share : 30%

Annual sales amount: 3,000,000USD/year .

Our office 

Our service

We are warmly welcome all of the world customer to visit and inquiry. We can offer you best quality machine
with professioal pre-sales service and after sales service. 

Please contact with us 

Email: [email protected] ;
Wechat /Whatsapp: 0086 18665115897

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, material requirements are getting higher and higher;
such requirements force our customers' factories to produce products of higher quality.
As a factory machinery and equipment supplier, we provide customers with inspection ,
check weighing and packaging equipment required in various production processing.

Food factories solutions
Raw material aspect
After raw material reach customer's raw material warehouse , our conveyor metal detector or food X ray inspection system ,
or Visual inspection system can inspect harmful metals , stones, glass and products surface plastic , hair , bottle broken ,
label broken.
In this process , we also can offer liquid mixing tank machine for our food customers and Beverage customers.

Production processing 
When the semi-finished products come out , our checkweigher can weigh the food if standard or not ; food metal detector will inspect
if the food contain tiny metals or production machine drop off the screws. If yes , reject products will flow to product Recycle Bin/station.

Checkweigher working schematic diagram

Packing process
When products enter into the packing process , the packing speed and packing precision and machine operation system is become very important.
This station's inspection and weighing still need it . 

Block food /book/Poker packing line schematic diagram
This fully automatic packaging line can help customer to save 5-7workers , 3Month can collect money back. 
Backside of this line , we also can add loading carton robot and palletizing robot.
We can according to customer's requirement to customize the machine. 

Finished product delivery
When order goods delivery to ending customer's hand , before the loading the truck , the products still need our machine inspection. 
This is last key point. 
If you want to export foods to China market , your factory need through third party inspection . So , the food metal detector or food 
X ray inspection machine must need it . 

Grain /spice factory solution
The products stone inspection and Elimination by destoner machine.
This machine remove the stone and Floating dust, unfilled grains

After destoner machine , using below grain packing machine , which 
can pack max 50kg/bag grains. 

Third step is using our heavy loading checkweigher and metal detector to weighing the packing bags
and inspection the metals in the grains.

Last , if customer want to packing small bag grains or spices , please kindly check below automatic packing line.

Pharmaceutical factories solution
Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory have rich experience in pharmaceutical weighing, foreign body detection,
and packaging. We can give professional advice and machines in terms of quality control and ensuring the safety of customers' products.
Our machine also can help customer to improve production efficiency and decrease production cost . 

Raw material inspection
When raw material reach customer's factory , whatever it's powder or granules , our metal detector machine can inspect it . 
Or through our food X ray inspection system ; Our checkweigher can weigh it's weight if it is right with purchase order . 

Production processing section
In the Pharm production , in order to control quality and keeping safety of Medicine ,
customer need strictly control the usage of each material
Our metal detector can inspect the pill or the capsule of finished products. We will acccording to customer's requirement of 
inspection speed and inspection precision, offer them right machine. 

Packing section
After tablets or capsule packing process , due to the need for quality control, in the process of pharmaceutical packaging,
it is necessary to check the quantity of finished products in a single package and a single product,
and it is necessary to check for foreign objects. Our X-ray machine is designed for this purpose.
In order to improve our customer's packaging efficiency , we offer fully automatic bottle packaging line . 
Please kindly reference below schematic diagram.
This packing line have tablets elevator , multihead weigher , bottle feeder ,
bottle packing machine , bottle cap locker machine, labeling machine , metal detector , checkweigher machine 
and sorting tray . 
P.S: We can offer carton loading robot and Palletizing robot

High speed Pharmaceutical checkweigher 
This checkweigher have high precision and high speed ,
it special fit for Pharmaceutical factory and facial factory.

Pharmaceutical deliverying

Before Pharmaceutical deliverying , our metal detector or X-ray inspection machine can do last inspection
to gurantee the goods safety. 

Cosmetics industry
The cosmetics industry has huge market potential and creates hundreds of billions of dollars in value for the global market every year.
Its product categories are: skin and hair care products, cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries and deodorants.
GOODEON's machines provide solutions such as filling and packaging weighing, metal detection and X-ray inspection.
Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory is a reliable supplier and developer of metal detector ,
checkweigher and food X ray machine. Have rich experience in offer stable machine and offer quality control ,
which very important in control the products quality aspect .
We can help customers improve product quality, increase production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Cleanliness, 304SUS material, easy to do deep cleaning of the machine.
Weighing accuracy and foreign matter inspection accuracy are also very important considerations in the production process;
IP protection and explosion-proof protection, our machines provide IP65 and explosion-proof electrical boxes,
explosion-proof motors, etc. to ensure the safety of the production process;
The machine is easy to set up and has compatibility;
High cost performance is also an important factor that customers need to consider;

Incoming material inspection
The customer shall ensure that all raw materials to be used in the production process are exactly as ordered,
It is the weight of raw materials used and the control of foreign matter, which is an important step to ensure product quality;

R&D, Engineering and Quality Control
The research and development of cosmetics plays a key role in the factory production process,
and quality control is also very important for the health and safety of consumers,
as well as the quality of products. It is essential to ensure that the correct weight of raw material is used,
and our high-precision weighing machines are ideal for the job;

Production process
Weighing equipment and filling equipment are integrated into modern production lines,
whether manual or fully automatic.
The product range includes bench and floor scales as well as process vessel scales for hygienic applications
and digital assistance technology

Weighing and foreign object detection solutions are also well suited to the needs of manufacturers in packaging operations,
ensuring that products leave the factory meeting customer expectations.
Machines are used in a wide range of applications including metal detection and X-ray inspection equipment.
Equipped with professional check-weighing equipment, it can check the over-package
and missing-package of outer boxes and small boxes in the secondary packaging, and the system records and counts all products.

Final weighing and foreign object detection before delivery
After the product is packaged and enters the finished product warehouse, it is a necessary stage for the product to be shipped
when the outer box is weighed and detected for foreign objects.
Customers need to make statistics on the outbound products.
To avoid customer complaints and product recalls.


Biscuit metal detector 
This conveyor metal detector is customized for our Biscuit customer in Domestic , 
It's add defender , after cleaning and packaging , it will be delivery to customer's hand. 

We according to customer's production ine width and height , products height offer professional machine. 

FDA food grade belt and 304SUS bracket , it's easy to do cleaning (Using water or Alcohol )。 

Packaging machine packing 1kg bag
Customer have place order for our packaging machine , before machine delivery , 
customer send their's film to us , we bought some corn and testing to packing for them.
Each kind of packing bag , we all need mark weight and bag size , forming a photo report 

Checkweigher weighing Cookie biscuit
Our checkweigher have reached customer's workshop . After machine setting and testing, 
our machine start to working for our customer . It can save more than 3-5 workers. 
High improve customer's working efficiency .

Q:This can detect any metal in the package yea ?And separate the package out yea ?
A: Yes , our machine can detecto Ferrous, Non Ferrous ( Copper, Zinc and so on ), 304/316 Stainless steel in the products 
and Reject it off .

Q1: Are you a factory?
A1:Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory is a professional manufacturer professinal in digital Metal detector and weighing equipment ,
fully automatically packaging line. We have our  R&D, production, marketing and after-sales service team.

Q2: Why to cooperate with you?
A2:We are a factory experienced in the field of automatic Metal detector and weighing equipment, integrating R&D, production,
marketing and after-sales service.
We can give you competitive price and offer your attend fair cost support and E-catalogue support (for wholesaler and distributor )

Q3: How to select the suitable specification of Metal detector machine?
A3:Please tell us what kind of product to process and your largest bag/carton L*W*H (mm) , weight . 
If our machine need connect with your production line.

Q4: What are the payment terms?
A4 : We mainly do FOB Shenzhen / CIF destination port of customer .
Payment term: T/T 50% deposit , balance 50% should be paid before goods delivery. 
Other payment method: West Union , Wechat pay , Paypal and Cash . 

Q5: How about your machine packing ? It's easy broken ?
A5: We use wooden carton to pack , it's strong enough.
Q6: How about your after-sales policy ?
A6: Customer's care is our care . Our machine offer 1 year warranty , We will give installation video and instruction
for customer installation and setting our machine. 
If machine have any problem , just give us a video , we can judget and guide customer to handling.
If customer need on site service , our engineer can on site service , customer need bear VISA , tickets , 
traffic , boarding and meal cost . 

Q7: Are you accept customer's LOGO customization ?
A7: Yes , we offer customization customer's company name and LOGO on the machine or in the software.
Q8:Are you sell machine parts ?
A8: Yes , if you need any part , just inform us . If we have stock , we can delivery in 3days;
If haven't , after production , we will send it out asap. Time :7-10days. 

Q9: After place order , how long can you delivery the machine ?
A9: Our metal detector , checkweigher production lead time about : 15days.
Automatic packaging line need about 35working days.

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